About Us


We believe the Bible to be inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inerrant, Word of God (2 Timothy 3:15, 2 Peter 1:21).

At Highland Christian School & Daycare, we provide a safe and creative environment for children to learn and grow. Our Christian teachers help our students understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, and encourage the children to build a relationship with Jesus Christ while achieving academic excellence.

Our Basic Educational Goals at Highland Christian School & Daycare:

  • Give God the glory in all things
  • Develop an understanding that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Savior
  • Teach the fundamentals of Arts, Bible, Language, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Equip students with the ability to communicate clearly, logically and effectively through reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Encourage creativity and curiosity
  • Help students realize their capabilities and how to make the most of them toward growth and service
  • Provide a safe and secure school environment that will be conducive to learning
  • Encourage moral and joyful living
For more information about our school or to start the enrollment process, call us today at 606-563-0444.